Get to know the DNA

DNA Central

It is a program designed to support churches and pastors of any denomination with the goal to implementing the cellular model in their churches.

The essence of DNA is:
Challenge: transmit a challenging vision through seminars, lectures, articles and campaigns to motivate the implantation of the cellular model.
Nourish: provide resources that enable the transition for the church to adapt to the cellular structure.
Support: offer free assistance to churches and their leaders to help implement the cellular model in Brazil and worldwide.

Here you will find lectures, videos, resources for leadership training and support materials that will assist your church in the transition. All of this for free.
DNA is much more than training for pastors and churches. He was born in the heart of God to build a unity between the different ministries that make up the body of Christ.
Today we see several denominations, pastors of different origins and tendencies working together for a single ideal: winning souls for Jesus and multiplying the gospel spreading hope throughout the world.
The Central church DNA is a set of experiences passed on by Central to pastors and leaders, enabling them to develop a cellular model suited to their culture, values ​​and regionalities.

Central DNA Team